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Install Viber 7.x on Ubuntu 18.04

May 22, 2018

As you might know the latest Ubuntu LTS version 18.04 has been officially released one month ago (April 2018) with code name Bionic Beaver.
The migration to the new LTS version is never painless, in case of 18.04 we had some problems (Insomnia, .NET Core) with applications relying on libcurl3 package, which is not installable in the latest version of Ubuntu (indeed it has been replaced by libcurl4).

Many package maintainers reacted pretty quickly and released an update with statically linked libcurl or created repositories / PPA targeting Bionic Beaver release.

However some vendors were less reactive and Viber is one of them.
We had to modify and repackage viber.deb file in order to be able to install it.

If you are experiencing problems with Viber’s main window size, you could try appending these environment variables to /usr/share/applications/viber.desktop

Please note you can also add QT_DEVICE_PIXEL_RATIO=2 if you have problems with HiDPI mode.


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