Zhmayev Yaroslav

Flexible Map & a retired version of Google Maps

Many our customers use WordPress as their CMS. Ourselves use it for running this website.
Wordpress is a great tool, but as you might know it suffers from some vulnerabilities and smelly PHP codebase. It’s even worst if you rely on WordPress plugins, which frequently get abbandoned, forcing you to modernize them or look for an alternative.
In some cases modernization is not that painful, specially if plugin developer was smart enought and left some hooks in the code, allowing you to alter plugin functionality without modifying the its code.

Today we are going to solve a pretty annoying warning we get for Flexible Map plugin


After a short investigation I realized that Flexible Map plugin was including Google Maps javascript, but it was using a retired version 3.26, while 3.30+ seems to be the latest.

Flexible Map Google API retired version

So after digging a little bit more I discovered that plugin author has created a hook which allows one to override the version of Google Map APIs:

as you can see now the plugin fetches the latest version of Google Map APIs from v3.x branch

Flexible Map Google API version OK


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