Is Your Team

So who we are?

Freelancers? Nope!

Freelancers are usually temporary employees accessed in a last-minute panic. Freelancers feel no connection to the company and no responsibility. They don’t care about success of your project. For them, it will come and go. There is no other motivation for them, except for additional money. Our company wants to begin an enduring B2B relationship with you and your business. We take interest in your success and would love to help you achieve more of it.

Freelancers? Nope!
We Are Exceptional

We Are Exceptional

Each year, businesses around the world sink billions of dollars into web sites and apps that barely work, are a pain to deal with, and cost far too much to keep running. The software we write is different. Our software delivers on its promised value, is a joy to use, and isn't too painful to change and extend over its lifespan.

Our Team Is Agile

Our goal is to produce a functional version of your product at the end of each iteration. New features and fixes can be put in the hands of stakeholders and potential customers. This allows everyone involved to provide their input regularly. Early feedback allows us moving in the right direction and catch bugs early on. Traditional software development methods where there is little communication between developers and customers until the handover stage, at which point, it’s often too late to make any changes to the product.

Our Team Is Agile
We Could Be Your Team

We Could Be Your Team

Let us simply be your dev team, because hiring and retaining an in-house talent might be challenging. We are your web programmer, your software developer, your DevOps engineer and system administrator.

What can we do for you?

Our team consists of experienced IT specialists. We are focusing on those innovative IT projects that help users improve everyday lives.
We are delivering beautiful digital products, providing high quality software development and IT knowledge services.
.NET C# Development

.NET C# Development

Offering the most updated technological solutions for the clients using C# development. We can design, build and provide a consistent management of application's lifecycle.
Core / FrameworkASP.NETEF CoreDapperWinForms
Revit API development

Revit API

Automate repetitive tasks, extend the core functionality of Revit in simulation, conceptual design, construction and building management, and much more.
AddinBatch ProcessingHeadlessParametric Modelling
Modern Web Development

Modern Web Development

Our great experience, strong technical competence and best development practices enables us to deliver solutions that meet customer's business needs.
ASP.NET CoreBlazorVueYii2WordPress
Cloud and DevOps

Cloud & DevOps

We provide end-to-end DevOps services, including configuration & orchestration, cloud infrastructure management, administration of hybrid systems.
KubernetesHelmDocker ComposeAzureESXi
CI/CD Pipelines

CI/CD Pipelines

Unit, integration, functional & UI testing in multiple languages and platforms, as well as continuous integration & delivery, deployment pipelines etc.
TestsCode CoverageTravis CIAppVeyorAzure DevOps
IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Providing a wide range of consulting services to its clients, CodeCave advises organizations on how best to use information technology in achieving their business objectives.
ArchitectureMicro ServicesSecurityDeploymentBackup


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